Is it Time to Review Your Employee Handbook?

It’s Time To Review Your Employee Handbook

The workplace has changed drastically in the last two years, from new federal sick leave policies to emerging social media platforms. With all the changes, are you sure everything is covered in your handbook?

A well-written employee handbook outlines what employees can expect when working for your business and ensures that you remain compliant with new laws and regulations. Leaving your handbook on the backburner is a surefire way to lose track of compliance and let the company’s standards slip.

Reviewing your employee handbook, especially after the events of the last two years, can be a daunting task for an already busy human resources department. ESS – Employer Support Services offers exceptional HR solutions to help you, whether you just need to update your employee handbook or you’re searching for a new onboarding system.


Employee handbook on desk with glasses and pen sitting on itHow Often Should a Company Review Its Employee Handbook?

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its fallout has left many HR departments scrambling to keep up with new laws, regulations, and mandates. Through all these changes, employee handbooks need to be regularly updated and reviewed.

Reviewing your employee handbook yearly, at a minimum, is highly recommended. This will allow your HR department to review any policy changes, amend any employee policies, and stay up to date on new legislation that may affect your business.


New Policies For 2022 That Should Be Reviewed for Your Employee Handbook

Work From Home

With 45% of employees in the US working from home in some capacity, implementing rules and regulations for work-from-home programs is now more necessary than ever.

When conducting your employee handbook review, be sure to update it by including language about web security, provided technology, and rules around working from home. Adding this information when reviewing the handbook can help your employees be more productive and protect your business.

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a female employee at a desk reviewing the employee handbook and highlighting sections


The coronavirus and COVID-19 are still a reality in today’s world. The best way to maintain compliance is to review your employee handbook when new government mandates have been enacted and add relevant policy changes when necessary.

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If your company has grown, you may be eligible for COBRA, EEOC, & FMLA policies. These policies could drastically change your employee handbook, so it’s wise to review your handbook often and assess if you’re now eligible for these policies.

Social Media Policies

As new social media platforms gain attention, it’s important to review your employee handbook and update it with policies that reflect the new social media landscape. Just a few years ago, TikTok was a small app, and it’s now one of the largest social media platforms in the world. If your employee handbook lacks language regarding TikTok and other social media platforms, it may be time to review and consider adding policies.


The experienced team at ESS is ready to help you review and amend your employee handbook for whatever 2022 may throw at us. Call our team today at 225-364-3000 and get the experienced HR solutions you need, from employee handbook reviews to new onboarding and payroll systems.

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