Documentation Matters

Your Business’s Documentation Matters

One in ten small businesses has been sued by an employee, vendor, or customer. Whether it’s the cost of the suit or the bad publicity, lawsuits are stressful and significantly harm your business. Fortunately, a paper trail of business documentation can build a good defense case for the employer. But your business documentation must be properly and thoroughly kept to ensure you are protected.

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HR sitting with an employee documenting behaviorEnsure Your Business Documentation Is Factual & Specific

The simplest step for ensuring your business is protected from internal lawsuits is making sure your business documentation is factual. Document employee discussions and events exactly as they happened. Do not infer or speculate within your official documentation. Inferences and speculation can open up your business to legal disputes and destroy otherwise ironclad documentation.

Along with being factual, your business documentation should be specific. Documents should include detailed descriptions of employee behavior and specific times and dates of any discussions or events that took place.

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Set Clear Expectations in Business Documentation

Your documentation should set expectations clearly so your employees can understand what is expected of them. Whether the business documentation is for employee job descriptions or disciplinary actions, use clear wording to avoid confusion.

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a stack of business documentation Document Patterns of Behavior, Avoid Exaggeration, & Follow Up

Disgruntled employees can sue your business if they are terminated, and with the average employment dispute lasting 275 days, these disputes can be extremely taxing on your business. It’s important to document behavior patterns, so if you fire an employee for a just cause, there’s business documentation clearly showing why they have been terminated.

You should also avoid exaggeration in business documentation. Using words like “always” and “never,” allow the opposing legal counsel to pick apart your documents and find holes. After documenting the initial discussion or event, you must follow up with the employee and keep thorough documentation of the follow-up meeting. This business documentation will show that your company has attempted to resolve the situation, rather than ignore it.

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Get Your Business Documentation in Order with ESS

Business documentation matters. From discrimination suits to unemployment disputes, proper business documentation can protect your business from a host of legal disputes. Ensure your business is protected by creating ironclad business documentation with the help of ESS. Call our experts today at 225-364-3000.


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