Onboarding Services for a Quick and Efficient Hiring Strategy

There are certain procedures that must be done immediately after hiring new employees. When you choose Employer Support Services for your onboarding solutions, we take the necessary steps needed to complete the onboarding process quickly and efficiently.

Onboarding a new employee to your company takes a lot of time out of an employer’s day. From going over employee handbooks to filing state and federal tax forms, we provide the hiring strategy that saves your company time and hassle. Our service gives employers more time to focus on business and less on the administrative work that comes with hiring a new employee.

Onboarding Services and Hiring Strategies ESS Can Provide You

Our cloud-based system allows new employees to seamlessly integrate into the employment system. Rather than filing completed paperwork, your new employees can complete the required forms and be added into the payroll system electronically, making the hiring strategy and process more efficient. ESS can also integrate the new hire orientation handbook or training videos to the onboarding process to prepare the new member of your company for work.

Our onboarding services include:

  • Establish employee handbook
  • Employee training videos
  • Ongoing administration support
  • Completing and filing state and federal tax forms
  • eSign non-disclosure and privacy policy agreements
  • eSign new hire documentation
  • Adding new hire to payroll and database

Make Onboarding a New Hire a Stress-Free Process

Once the initial audit and onboarding process is complete, your new employee can show up to his or her first day on the job ready to work. But our job is not done after the onboarding process. ESS can also provide ongoing support, administration, and consulting for your company and employees. For more information on our human resource management services, view our HR Manage page.