Benefits Administration

Employee Benefits Solutions with Benefit Administration

We make benefits administration simple for you with a comprehensive benefits administrator service.

At Employer Support Services, we provide a solution that manages all tasks, communication, and compliance regulations required for employee benefits. We keep you up-to-date on rules and regulations while also keeping your employees happy with the knowledge they need to get proper care.

Happy and Knowledgeable Employees

We communicate with your employees and ensure they have the information and documents they need to understand and use their benefits.

  • Communicating benefits to new hires
  • Administering waiting periods and eligibility
  • Open enrollment notifications
  • Managing and presenting benefit costs and pre-taxing effects
  • Managing all enrollment forms
  • Handling qualifying event issues
  • Providing toll-free, on-going support and answers to client and employee questions

ESS Benefit Billing Administration Services include:

  • Setup and maintain benefit deductions from employee paychecks according to client rates and contribution schedule
  • Reconcile benefit bills and make payments to providers
  • Communicate additions and terminations in coverage to providers
  • Communicate benefit deductions to employees

A Simple Benefit Administrator Solution

Managing benefits should not be difficult, especially after you work hard to build a benefits plan for your employees. We give you a simple solution that makes managing health insurance, retirement, and dental insurance a worry-free experience. With our online technology platform, benefits administration has never been easier or faster.

ESS Professional Service

We manage your company’s benefits professionally and provide the right coverage when you or your employees need it most. With the best and most integrated technology, we save you time and money managing your benefits efficiently and accurately.