CPA / Accountants

Give Business Accountants the Information They Need with Our Technology Solutions

At Employer Support Services, we partner with CPAs and business accountants to provide the most comprehensive service possible.

ESS believes accountants and CPAs know how to do a company’s taxes and accounts in the most efficient and accurate way. Our goal is to make life simpler for tax professionals by providing companies with the technology they need to easily give their accountants the documents they require.

As a company, the ESS technology allows you to give your accountants controlled access to company information such as accounts receivable and tax forms.

As accountants, you get easy access to the documents you require to complete your work and keep your client’s records up to date and compliant.

From accounts receivable to billing, we give a business and their tax professional the tools necessary to ensure proper and efficient processing. ESS technology provides accountants with the power of self-service while keeping businesses safe and their data secure.

With ESS, CPAs and business accountants can have access to:

  • Accounts receivable and billing
  • Check reconciliation
  • General ledger data
  • Other specific data they need

Our infrastructure integrates with seamlessly with leading general ledger systems for easy downloads and file imports.