General Service

Business Administrative Services by ESS

When employers outsource their administrative work to ESS, they find more time in their day to take care of business and their day-to-day tasks. Employers can also save money outsourcing regulatory compliance and/or human resource management services as opposed to hiring a full-time staff. We provide a full range of business administrative services to help your business grow and succeed. With customized services to fit your business’s needs, we are able to naturally integrate into your company’s routine with flexibility and ease.


Our electronic-based system provides you an error-free way to conduct payroll. By switching over to our payroll system, you save time and money by avoiding IRS penalties and unnecessary wages. Managed by our professional staff and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP), you will never have to stress about running payroll again.


Avoid IRS and DOL penalties by staying in compliance with our COBRA administration service. We help employers with more than 20 fulltime employees uphold their COBRA obligations by ensuring that each employee has the necessary information and paperwork completed. We also ensure those documents are managed and filed properly.

HRA and Cafeteria Healthcare Plan Administration

We offer consulting, application, and ongoing business administration services for companies looking to save money on taxes and provide health benefits according to the IRS tax codes. You and your employees can save money and receive extra benefits. Your business can even use it as powerful recruiting tool for future hires.

Benefits Administration

Better manage your employees’ benefits and compliance documentations. Our benefits administration can work with from properly documenting and storing information to communicating benefits offered to employees. We keep companies up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations and have the most efficient methods to smoothly adapt to any changes.

HR Assist

If your human resources department needs a little extra assistance with their clerical work, you can rely on us to help with your office’s internal workflow and keep things running smoothly. We learn about your department’s process and naturally adapt to the office environment for a seamless integration.

HR Manage

Our comprehensive human resources management services offer both clerical and office regulation solutions to keep your business running efficiently and in compliance with the human resource laws and regulations. From audits to workflow management, our customizable HR Manage solutions make it easier to focus on the core of your business’s operations.

Time and Attendance

Easily manage employee attendance, schedules, and labor with our time and attendance software system. Our software makes it simpler to access and administer the information needed to conduct payroll and allow your employees to clock into work. The smooth integration will allow you to have a smoother, more productive workplace.


Recruiting quality potential employees to a business can seem stressful, but with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can electronically handle your recruitment needs. Our ATS database makes it easier to track, filter, and manage applicant resumes that come your way.


Our Human Resource Information Software (HRIS) gives businesses a more streamlined way to manage internal data and administrative processes in a cloud system that is easy for employers to use and access. It’s the perfect solution for all your employee information and tracking needs.


From going over the employee handbook to filing tax forms, we provide onboarding services to help prepare your new employees for their first day of work. ESS can walk them through the orientation and training process as well as completing and submitting the necessary documents and information for a seamless employee transition.

Labor Law Posters

We provide businesses with labor law posters to hang in their office to stay in compliance with state and federal laws. The labor law poster can also be used as a reference to ensure your company is up to date with labor laws and regulations. Ask us today how to receive yours for free!

Affirmative Action

Companies who receive federal funds or work for a government program must provide documents to prove they are enforcing affirmative action regulations in their recruiting process. We offer assistance in collecting and managing documents detailing affirmative action practices and metrics that your company has put forth.