Secure HR Management Software for Your Company

We give you the HR management software technology and services you need in order to save you time and money in every aspect of your business.

At Employer Support Services, our technology is dedicated to your improving your company’s workflow including in payroll, benefits, and human resources. The ESS Cloud technology was designed specifically for HR needs and was not built as an afterthought. As a result, with the ESS Cloud, you experience the benefits of seamless integration, high-quality functionality, and a well-designed interface for both employees and managers.

We simplify HR with powerful technology and services. With ESS, you have everything you need for world-class human resources.

Secure and Scalable Technology

We host your data in our private and secure cloud infrastructure. You can access it at any time and control employee access as well by setting up field level controls. Our system is designed to grow with your company and is scalable with an easy-to-use, but secure, interface. Our HR management software also has automatic recovery for extra protection against disasters. You never experience downtime when ESS is your secure data center.

Self-Service Technology

Managers, employees, insurance professionals, and CPAs/accountants can all have access to the data they need within your company’s information. With individualized access, you control what information each person can view. From employees accessing their W-2s and pay stubs to managers changing employee payroll or schedules, you can control who can access specific information. With ESS self-service technology, you can save time and money by letting your employees access the information they need when they need it most.

Simplified Reporting

No more spending hours of time building a report. With our custom reporting tool, building a report is as simple as selecting which criteria you want compiled into a report. With a wide range of parameters and model selections, you view the data you need in a format that can be analyzed and easily understood.

Seamless Integration

Payroll, benefits, onboarding, and more integrate into the ESS HR management software with zero hassle. You have automatic access to the gathered data during onboarding and enrollment to make payroll a breeze.