HR Manage

Custom Human Resource Management for Your Company

HR departments play a major role in the growth and success of any business. Human resources influence a company’s productivity, morale, and regulation compliance. At Employer Support Services, our team of knowledgeable and professional HR employees provide human resource management services so you can focus on your core business activities.

We Customize Human Resource Management to Your Company

We start with a thorough evaluation of your current human resource program to ensure you are up to code with compliance and human resource management laws and regulations. Our staff gets acquainted with your procedures and needs in the process. From there, we work with your current team to provide the assistance they need to keep your company on track.

Full-Scale Human Resource Management Services


We ensure you are in compliance with all human resource laws and regulations by auditing your department’s processes, documents, and programs.


Our professionals take responsibility of your administrative duties and ensure emails are sent out, information is distributed, and employee data is processed and organized.

Document Management

Staff will maintain current files and databases as well as update benefit records, employee statuses, reviews, and other similar records and paperwork.


We are trained and certified to administer training for new hires, management, and situational grievances.


Our HR professionals will identify, investigate, and resolve issues in a timely fashion as well as handle claims and initiate needed programs and processes.

Employee Communication

To ensure you are in compliance, we maintain proper communication with employees and keep them up to date on policies and benefits. We also ensure your company has current records and documents for each employee.


We help assist in your recruitment and onboarding processes with job postings, candidate qualification, and onboarding completion.

We offer comprehensive human resource management services for your business. You save time, money, and avoid compliance issues when you have ESS on your team.