Time and Attendance

Dynamic Time and Attendance Tracker to Reduce Labor Costs

Our dynamic time and attendance tracking software and technology allows you better control and accuracy of attendance, labor costs, and time conversions. With ESS, you can stay focused on your business while our intuitive technology manages the numbers.

With the comprehensive attendance solution, you and your employees utilize time cards, intelligent scheduling, and intuitive dashboards that allow easy management of your company’s operations. With ESS, you no longer have to worry about spending excessive time on attendance tracking schedules.

Integrates with Systems

Our system integrates flawlessly with time clocks, employee self-service solutions, payroll, and HR applications for seamless tracking.

Automated Attendance Tracking

Self-service systems allow your employees to easily track their time, request for PTO, and access attendance when they need.

Custom Corrections

Our dashboard allows you to make manual corrections easily and quickly when needed.

Attendance Reporting

Our system tracks attendance and can alerts you about unusual time activity and more.

With ESS, time and attendance tracking are simple. At the end of the pay period, our team will pull your payroll period’s final information and complete the process for you. You no longer have to worry about errors or costly manual tracking when you outsource attendance and payroll to ESS.

Time and Attendance Tracking Customized to Your Organization

Our time and attendance service can be customized to your organization. You can enjoy many features such as:

  • Leave management
  • Incidents and point tracking
  • Coverage budgets
  • Leave management
  • Incidents and point tracking
  • Coverage budgets

We ensure supervisors, mangers, and other qualified individuals have access and control over critical employee data. With our system you can track, edit, or approve time and attendance entries from employees.

Stay in Control with a Customized Dashboard

  • See real-time status updates. Know who is clocking in early, on time, or late
  • Control totals
  • Fix errors that are flagged for correction
  • Approve leave requests
  • View shifts and attendance data