ESS Provides the Best Recruitment Solution with our Applicant Tracking System

Isn’t it stressful trying to hire a new employee with the skillset and experience to perform the job correctly? Reading each application and resume one by one takes a lot of time. On the other hand, while rapidly skimming through each applicant’s profile can save time, it leaves more room for errors, which could cause you to skip over an ideal candidate.

Employer Support Services provides recruitment solutions such as our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help businesses better track and manage the job applications that are coming in.

Easier Organization and Application Management

Using our ATS software, employers and HR professionals have a central database to collect and manage both recruitment efforts and applicant traffic. The ATS recruiting solution makes it easier to store and filter the resumes sent in from various job boards and even internal recruitment files.

Have all the recruitment documents you need when you them

Rather than shuffling through the various job boards and portfolios, you can have all your files in one place for a simpler and safer recruitment process. Best of all, it seamlessly integrates with our other ESS software systems for an easier scheduling and onboarding process.

Saves Your Recruitment Team Time

Using keyword optimization, our recruiting solution software is able to filter through the job applicant profiles submitted online and help you find the candidates that have resumes that best represent the job that your recruitment team is looking to fill. Filter through spam and get to the applicants that are the best candidates for the job position with our ATS software.