HR Assist

HR Solutions for Your Human Resource Department

When your human resources department needs help communicating information or performing administrative tasks, ESS is ready to provide HR solutions.

With productivity and business success relying on a functioning human resources department, you cannot afford to lag behind on tasks. Our staff of professional and highly trained HR experts provide assistance to your team and meet their needs.

Our Highly Trained HR Professionals can Assist Your Department

Whether your HR manager needs help with the minor tasks or your HR team needs an extra set of helping hands, we are ready to assist. After we meet your department and learn your processes, we get to work completing the clerical tasks essential to HR so you can focus on the big projects.

Administrative Tasks

From sending out information via email to updating internal data spreadsheets, our team of highly-trained and credentialed HR professionals keep systems organized and up to date. With help from the ESS HR team, you will have the time you need to handle grievances or other events.

Document Management

Our HR professionals are also experienced in document management and can ensure all documents are present, filed, and accessible. We can also help distribute, collect, and process documents such as I-9s, attendance requests, and benefit enrollments.

Complete and Tailored Solutions

With HR solutions from ESS, you can save time and money with select HR assistance services. We help you where you need it by providing customized services for your company’s optimal operation.

If you are in need of more HR solutions or need full-scale HR management, we can provide you with more complete and tailored services with HR management.