How to Improve Benefits Communication

How to Improve Employee Benefits Communication

Companies know that employee benefits play a key part in employee satisfaction and turnover. With 57% of employees stating that a comprehensive benefits package plays a key role in their decision on whether or not to leave an employer, companies should ensure benefits and employee benefits communication is a top priority to curb turnover rates.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for most companies. It’s reported that only 9% of employees agree that they receive effective communication about offered benefits. The recent shift to a remote or hybrid workforce is likely to negatively affect employee benefits communication and engagement. With open enrollment right around the corner, communication of employee benefits is key to minimize turnover.

It’s never too early to start planning for success. Keep your employees happier and healthier with better benefits education. But, how do you improve your employee benefits communication?

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Follow These Tips to Learn How to Improve Your Employee Benefits Communication

Utilize Technology to Access Employees

People like options and opportunities to get information in more than one way and place. Give your employees options for open enrollment and communicate the information in easily accessible ways.

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Host an open enrollment meeting in-person or through virtual software, such as Zoom or another similar platform to improve employee benefits communication. Virtual meetings will allow you to reach all your employees no matter where they are located.

In-person or virtual meetings also allow employees the opportunity to ask questions and instantly get more information on policies they may be confused about. An in-person or virtual meeting will give your employees all the information they need to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

In addition to using virtual software to communicate employee benefits live, many virtual meeting platforms offer recording options. We highly recommend you record your in-person or virtual meeting and make the recording available to employees on demand.

Simply put your recorded employee benefits communication meeting on an employee portal or another accessible, secure place and allow employees to access it during open enrollment. This will allow them to revisit the information and get clarification on policies while enrolling.


Offer Online Benefit Enrollment

Employee benefits communication and managing benefits are becoming increasingly complex; however, it can be made easier with the help of technology. A study reports that 73% of employers use technology for benefits enrollment, and 70% use it for benefits administration. Employers state the technology addresses their major concerns with benefits management such as efficiency, compliance, and engagement.

Digitizing and utilizing an online enrollment platform will allow employees to work through benefits enrollment at their own pace. They can also easily access important plan information anywhere, anytime.

With the set process, ease of access, and schedule opportunities, online benefits enrollment ensures employees are enrolled correctly and efficiently.

Employer Support Services offers an online enrollment platform that keeps your company compliant, your process efficient, and your employees engaged with easily accessible information. Our online open enrollment platform also sends regular alerts to employees to improve employee benefits communication and ensure they don’t miss the enrollment window.  Contact us today to get an online enrollment platform that supports your company and its employees.


Make it Easy for Employees to Find Help to Improve Employee Benefits Communication

It is crucial to provide employees with the information they need to make an informed decision about their benefits.

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Part of improving employee benefits communication is making information easy to find quickly during open enrollment and throughout the year when they need to take advantage of their benefits. Two actions you can take to improve employee benefits communication and ensure they can get the information they need to include:

  • Compile a list of FAQs and make it easily accessible
  • Provide direct contact information for your benefits administrator

Ensuring they have the information they need throughout the whole year will improve employee benefits communication satisfaction. The more forms of communication you have about this crucial part of the workplace, the better.


Contact ESS for More About How to Improve Employee Benefits Communication

Don’t let employee benefits communication breakdown in your company. You could face high turnover rates if employees aren’t satisfied. Contact Employer Support Services today for better employee benefits communication, benefits administration, and other services that will improve your company’s efficiency, satisfaction, and communication. Contact us at 225-364- 3000.

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