8 Steps for Attracting & Hiring the Best Candidates

Start Attracting the Best Candidates & Hiring Them with These 8 Steps

As your company grows and expands its team, you need to have a fool-proof hiring process under your belt. From writing a detailed job description to taking advantage of social media for attracting the best candidates – looking for new hires can get overwhelming. Employer Support Services (ESS) can help your company attract the best candidates at every step, from posting the job to onboarding. Here is a comprehensive guide to attracting the best candidates and hiring them for your company.

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#1 Write an Engaging & Thorough Job DescriptionEmployer at job fair attracting the best candidates

An engaging and thorough job description can do a lot to attract the best candidates. Start with a short overview of the job before writing down the job expectations and necessary skills in a professional tone. A well-written job description should give a candidate a clear understanding of the company, the job, and duties.


#2 Share Benefits & Perks

Another way to attract the best candidates to your company is to share the benefits and perks offered to employees. 69% of employees say having a wider array of benefits would increase their loyalty to their employer, according to a study. Benefits and perks can include:

  • Attractive Pay Rate
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Generous PTO Policy
  • Health Insurance
  • Free/Discounted Food or Snacks
  • Gym Access
  • Social Networking Opportunities
  • And More

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#3 Take Advantage of Technology

Technology is a tool that can be used in attracting the best candidates for the position you’re trying to fill. ESS has an applicant tracking system that saves you time, reaches more candidates, and encourages better applicant screening.

Our applicant tracking system makes it easier to store and filter resumes sent in from various job boards. You can store all the files in one place, so no one’s application gets lost. Through using keyword optimization, our solution filters through job applicant profiles quickly – saving you time.


#4 Eliminate Bias Based on Race, Gender & AgeEmployer welcoming new employee to company

Any biased language can quickly turn off a potential candidate reading your company’s job description. Your job description should read as inclusive no matter the applicant’s race, gender, or age. With biased language, you could be excluding high-quality applicants.

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#5 Communicate with Candidates

Communication is key when you’re interviewing candidates. An applicant tracking system can help keep candidates informed of their progress. A system makes it easier to call or email candidates with updates, so nobody is left out of the loop. As always, you don’t want to keep a candidate waiting for an answer.


#6 Review Resumes Regularly

Avoid letting resumes pile up by reviewing them regularly. Speed up the process by skimming through resumes looking for relevant keywords, job experience, and skills. Keep track of the applicants you plan to reach out to.


#7 Take Advantage of Social Media

Nearly everyone you’re looking to hire is on social media, and potential candidates are looking up your company. 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search. Your company can use its social media platforms to announce job openings and ask people to share your post to extend your reach to other candidates.

Another reason why companies should take advantage of social media to attract better candidates is to highlight your company’s culture. When a candidate comes across your company’s Facebook or Instagram, they’re looking for insight into the workplace. Highlighting your culture in social media posts can make your company look more inviting to the public.


#8 Have an Onboarding Process

Have a quick and efficient onboarding strategy when you partner with ESS. Our onboarding services help you ensure a smooth process. Our onboarding services include:

  • Establish Employee Handbook
  • Employee Training Videos
  • Ongoing Administration Support
  • Completing & Filing State & Federal Tax Forms
  • eSign Non-disclosure & Privacy Policy Agreements
  • eSign New Hire Documentation
  • Adding New Hire to Payroll & Database
  • And More

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ESS can help you in attracting the best candidates to your company. Our services include ongoing support, administration, and consulting for your company and employees. Contact ESS today for a stress-free hiring and onboarding process for your company.

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