How to Streamline Your Hiring Process

Streamline Your Hiring Process and Hire Better Employees

Hiring a new employee is one of the most important things a business owner can do for the success of their company. Good employees produce great work and hiring the right one for your business is more difficult when the market for hiring gets more competitive. The hiring process isn’t a perfect system, but you can stack the odds of hiring a hard-working employee in your favor by improving your hiring process.


Create Accurate Job Postings

Whether you post openings on job boards online or you post them exclusively on your website, writing a detailed and tailored job description is more likely to gain you qualified candidates. Potential employees are looking for what they will be doing and receiving in return for their hard work. Releasing a vague job post will unlikely result in specialized or experienced employees.

Detail responsibilities and tasks in your job description as well as prominently display the skills and experience they need to qualify. In addition to qualifications and responsibilities, potential employees will also be interested in knowing the possible benefits and salary of the job. Be sure to list all the information in a clear and concise way.


Pre-Screen the Candidates

Before offering employees full-scale interviews, it is important to narrow down the possibilities. You can pre-screen candidates in various rounds to make the process simpler. Start with a resume screening and disqualify the people who don’t meet the basic standards for the job. From there, you can screen the remaining candidates by initial phone or video interviews. Keep the pre-screen interviews to about 15 minutes as this is just a way to gain better insight into the candidates’ qualifications and experience. Any potentials who pass your standards in both screenings can move on to in-person interviews.


Conduct In-Person and In-Depth Interviews

The in-person interview is the time for you to go into greater depth with the candidate and learn more about them. From testing their skills and experience to determining whether they will fit into the company culture, the in-person interview is your time to delve into what the candidate will bring to the company. This is also the time to introduce the candidate to everyone in the company who is involved in the hiring decision. Stick to introducing important decision makers to qualified employees who stand out the most. Having the candidate meet everyone in the hiring decision too early can end up wasting a lot of time.


Use an Applicant Tracking System

To really streamline your hiring process, an applicant tracking system may be the best way to go. Building personal profiles for each candidate, the tracking system can help you automate your entire process. In addition to automating the pre-screening process by scanning through resumes for qualifications and behavior patterns, applicant tracking systems can give new insights into your overall process such as general hiring time length or the number of applicants you must interview on average before a position is filled.


Continue with Onboarding

While the hiring process can take a lot of time, the onboarding process can take just as long. From going over company handbooks to first-day training, the onboarding process can take a lot of work. Just like applicant tracking software, however, onboarding software can help you streamline much of the process of taking on a new employee and getting them set up for work. Your employee will come in actually ready to get started when their paperwork is already filled out online and there training is complete.

To streamline your hiring process, take a look at your job listings, pre-screen your candidates and consider getting applicant tracking and onboarding software. When it comes to your business, a good employee means everything, and you want to get one in and ready for work as quick as possible. For more information on what applicant tracking and onboarding software can do for you, contact Employer Support Services.

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