Employee Everboarding – What is Everboarding & Its Benefits?

Employee Everboarding – What is Everboarding & Its Benefits?

Employee onboarding is a crucial process that allows new employees to familiarize themselves with their roles, the company culture, and its operations, ultimately improving their productivity and commitment levels. While traditional onboarding procedures have been around for a while, companies are beginning to recognize that bringing on a new employee is not a one-and-done process and are taking an innovative approach by implementing employee everboarding.

What is Employee Everboarding?a Manager training an employee and working with them in hopes of everboarding them

Everboarding is an ongoing process that involves continuous education, feedback, and monitoring of employee progress. It is designed to create an experience where new employees can seamlessly integrate into the company’s culture, values, and operations over an extended period of time. The process is designed to ensure that employees remain motivated, engaged, and productive even after their first few weeks on the job.

Traditional onboarding processes are often over within the first week of employment. However, it takes much longer for employees to become fully comfortable in their roles and the company they work for. Employee everboarding incorporates advanced onboarding techniques like video tutorials, on-the-job training, and regular performance feedback to improve employee retention and productivity.

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Implementing Employee Everboarding in Your Company

Everboarding starts by addressing the basics, such as job descriptions, company policies, and an overview of the company culture. This is typically done within the first few days or weeks of employment. After that, the process focuses on ongoing training, support, and development opportunities. This includes continuous learning about new products or services, team-building events, and coaching sessions with managers.

a manager training and employee on the computer

The Benefits of Employee Everboarding

One of the benefits of an everboarding process is that it continually reinforces a company’s culture and values. It helps to ensure that employees align themselves with the company’s objectives and vision. Everboarding helps to show new employees that their respective teams are willing to invest in their personal and professional development, making them feel part of a supportive team.

Investing in an everboarding process can promote increased employee loyalty, job satisfaction, and productivity. It leads to financial benefits such as greater retention and reduced recruitment costs. Additionally, it elevates a company’s brand reputation as employees showcase their excitement for working in a supportive environment.

Start Everboarding with Employer Support Services

Employee everboarding is a proactive approach to training new employees through continuous learning and support for their professional and personal growth progress. By embracing everboarding, companies can improve their employee retention rates and boost productivity while enhancing their brand reputation. Contact ESS to learn more about how you can embrace and develop the everboarding process in your organization.

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