Starting an Employee Motivation Program

An Employee Motivation Program is the Best Method to Incentivize Your Team to Be More Engaged at Work


Motivating your employees properly is the key to having a productive workplace because it’s been proven that motivated employees are more productive in their work and have higher retention rates. However, motivating employees requires more than providing them with a paycheck. With the percentage of companies that have an employee motivation program in place reaching over 88 percent, it’s important to make sure your business stays competitive in motivating and retaining employees.

Employer Supports Services is invested in helping your business function at its maximum efficiency. To improve employee motivation, we have tips for choosing the right perks, rewards, and benefits that are statistically proven to motivate employees and increase engagement and productivity levels.


Structuring an Incentive Program Should Be Based on a Specific Goal

Incentives are a proven method to increase performance. Incentives can increase performance by 45 percent in a team setting and by 27 percent in an individualized setting. There are a variety of employee incentive programs that you can start within your office to increase motivation and performance. Identify the underlying problems with your employee’s motivation first. Then make an informed decision on the objectives you want to achieve with an incentive program. Objectives can range from increasing sales to clocking in on time.

Whatever your company chooses to focus on, be sure it is measurable so that you are able to track their progress.


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Choose Rewards & Perks That Employees Want

The most crucial part of the incentive program is selecting a reward that is enticing to your employees. The more intensive the goal is, the better the reward should be. There are several reward options to choose from that will motivate employees to obtain their goals. A few options to try include:

  • Casual Attire Days
  • Bring a Pet to Work
  • Extra Paid Vacation Days
  • Event Tickets
  • Paid Travel
  • Work from Home Days


Offering Additional Benefits for Long-Term Employee Motivation

Although reward programs can be structured to achieve short-term or long-term goals, offering additional benefits can also help retain motivation in employees. According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of employees prefer additional benefits over a pay raise. So, when you are choosing benefits to provide, consider these three options to pair with the rewards for your incentive programs:

  1. Job Flexibility: Whether it’s more flexible hours or work-from-home options, providing perks for better work-life balance is essential for motivating and retaining your top talent. Additionally, studies show that companies offering employees remote work opportunities noticed a 25 percent decrease in employee turnover.
  2. Continued Education and Training: Employees that do not see a clear path to a promotion or who do not have growth opportunities are less likely to improve. Offer employee training or payment for seminars and retreats that provide your workers with a clear path to a promotion and greater compensation. In return, you will have a more motivated and efficient workforce, resulting in greater financial gain.
  3. Wellness Programs: Whether it’s free gym memberships or monthly group workouts, providing benefits that improve employees’ health is valuable for your employees and the company. Healthy employees will not only feel better on a daily basis, but they can also lower health insurance premiums for your company.


An employee who feels motivated after being recognized Do Not Underestimate the Power of Employee Recognition

Recognizing employee achievements is a big component in motivating employees and making your staff feel more emotionally connected to the company. When employees feel connected to their employer, they are more loyal to their company and connected to their work. Highlighting an employee for their years of loyalty, high-performance number, or positive behavior at a meeting or on social media can motivate them to continue the high performance and show them that the company is invested in its people.


ESS Can Help Your Business Measure the Success of Your Employee Motivation Program

With the latest technology and tracking and management software, we are here to help businesses identify the key gap in employee motivation and measure the success of their motivation program. Additionally, we can help your company lower costs on benefits without lowering employee satisfaction. For more information, contact ESS today!

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