Transforming Managers into Leaders

Transform Your Managers into Effective Leaders with These 4 Tips


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “a genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a molder of consensus.” The most effective managers possess the ability to inspire and lead employees to be more productive and engaged in their work. Being a leader in the workplace, however, does not come automatically with the manager job title. According to Gallup, one in 10 people possess the natural ability to manage. To transform managers into leaders, a company must provide proper guidance and developmental opportunities to its managers.

At Employer Support Services, we help companies train their employees to develop a beneficial skillset to perform their jobs with passion, confidence, and influence. We have provided four important tips to help build the managers at your company into true leaders in their division.


Female manager trying to transform managers into leaders. Create Meaning for Their Job

Employee engagement is crucial for a company’s success, and a manager’s engagement is just as important. A good leader has a sense of purpose in achieving the tasks at hand. As an employer, it’s important to define the company’s purpose from the standpoint of the people they serve, such as their employees, consumers, and those who depend on the company’s success. When a manager understands that their job has a higher purpose than completing their routine tasks, they are more engaged and motivated to lead the company to greater success.


Create Ownership Mentality

Leaders take responsibility for their results. A manager who takes ownership of their job responsibilities and results will also have a sense of ownership for the success of the company. However, in order to build an ownership mentality among your managers, they must first feel empowered to take initiative. Let your managers know that you value their ideas through both your words and actions. Rather than being dismissive or uninterested, show that you value their job role and capabilities. For more information, read our previous blog on creating ownership mentality in the workplace.


Data about how to transform managers into leaders.Fuel Managers’ Personal Growth

Investing in your company’s growth also means investing in your managers’ personal growth. Providing learning opportunities, skillset training, and career development are among the top drivers of employee satisfaction. Present your managers with opportunities to grow and learn the latest information within the industry. When a manager feels that they have opportunities to grow, they will feel inspired to encourage personal growth in their team. The inspiration from managers is essential according to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, which states that 75 percent of employees will take a learning course if suggested by their manager. In turn, you will have a more engaged and productive workforce.


Team working on transforming managers into leaders. Encourage Leaders to Serve

A good manager does not manage people to gain success. Rather, a good manager manages projects and leads the team to success. This sort of leadership was described by Robert K. Greenleaf as a servant leader. Greenleaf describes a servant leader as one who “shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.” In other words, an effective leader does not ask their employees what they can do for them, but what they could do for the employees.

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