Sourcing Top Talent

Sourcing Top Talent Can Be Achieved When Employing These Recruiting Solutions


Your employees are worth more to your company than any other asset. The knowledge, skill level, and production capabilities that these “human assets” bring to your company are what allow you to distinguish your company from competitors and ultimately succeed. Peter Drucker, the inventor of modern management, believed in the importance of the human asset as well, stating “the most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution, whether business or non-business, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.”

With Drucker’s statement and the Harvard Business Review’s note that the skills and talents of a company’s workforce “are worth far more to many companies than their tangible assets,” you can’t ignore the value of your employees. To set your company up for success, focus on sourcing top talent with proper employee recruitment resources.


The Human Asset – Employees are the Face of Your Organization

Good employees drive productivity, innovation, and quality service. From the beginning, you want to be sure you recruit employees that will be engaged in their work and passionate about your company. While it is difficult to quantify, passion is one of the most valuable assets an employee can have. To hire passionate employees, you must ensure a potential employee is committed, goal driven, and relationship oriented. A lack of passion for work can lead to disengaged employees, poor work ethic and low productivity, while passionate employees are loyal to your company, advocate for your business and are consistently hard workers.


Interview for recruiting solutionsRecruiting Dedicated Employees – Cover All the Bases

Newspaper job listings may have been enough in the past, but today, it is essential for employers to promote their business and post job listings in multiple places to recruit top talent.

Finding where the best candidates spend their time and then posting the job on that platform will also help increase your chance of hiring the best. From social media to job boards, posting where your desired candidates are looking is essential to hiring. Social media and industry-specific job boards are essential platforms.

Branding your company is essential for your recruiting solutions. According to LinkedIn research, “developing a strong employer brand can help level the playing fi­eld when it comes to acquiring talent,” as the impression of a company brand has direct correlation with the impression of the employer. In fact, 61 percent of potential candidates under 40 are more likely to consider a job based on employer brand.


A person looking for a job online Applicant Tracking Systems – Manage Your Listings and Applicants with Ease

Applicant tracking systems allow you to efficiently manage your listings and applicants to help you source top talent. Post jobs directly to multiple job boards utilizing applicant tracking systems as well as digitally manage the data from each applicant automatically. To be more efficient, a good ATS allows you to provide professional, automated responses to applicants.  This system also removes the need for paper filing and manual data entry. Applicant tracking systems like the one provided by Employer Support Services even integrate with personality tests and give you the ability to score applicants so you can compare top candidates. With an applicant tracking system, you are able to sort candidates much quicker and pinpoint top talent more effectively and move them into the next recruiting phase seamlessly.


Two people conducting an interview as part of recruiting solutions Interviewing Candidates – An Underrated Process Yet Vital Process

Interviewing potential candidates can give you insight into the person’s skills, experience, and personality. The process can help determine if the candidate is a good fit for the organization, and when behavioral interviewing is used, it can help determine if the candidate will perform well at the organization in the future. Behavioral interviewing consists of predicting how a candidate would most likely perform based on their past performance in similar situations. Determining what situational questions to ask will depend on what skills or characteristics the position requires.


Personality Tests – Expose the Truth

With companies like Goldman Sachs, ExxonMobil, Ford Motor, and Hewlett Packard utilizing personality tests during their recruitment solution process, there’s something to be said about including them into your process. A good system makes this an easy part of the recruiting process, further leveling the playing field with large organizations. Candidates who are able to interview well and hide their less desirable qualities will be more likely exposed when a personality test is employed during the hiring process. This helpful tool can be essential in choosing the right applicant for the job.


As your employees are your most valuable asset, sourcing top talent from the beginning determines your long-term success and competitive advantage. In order to bring in the best human assets possible, utilize employee recruitment resources and techniques at every chance. These tools aren’t just for big companies. Today small to medium size organizations can easily and cost effectively access these systems. Combining applicant tracking systems, behavioral interviewing, and personality tests from Employer Support services, will help ensure you source the best talent from the talent pool.

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