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Benefits Administration

Human Resource departments are faced with a myriad of compliance issues. Benefits alone make up a significant portion of those issues. Employers of all sizes are forced to stay abreast of an array of rules and regulations that are watched by the Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service, and of course lawyers. It is imperative that employers are aware of the potential pitfalls.

Communicating benefits to employees is an important job. Not doing it properly can be merely frustrating or absolutely devastating. Employees that do not understand their benefits will grow disgruntled and may be less productive, become an aggravation to other personnel, or even seek other employment where they feel they can get better benefits. Employers also face potential liability from not properly communicating benefits to employees and documenting the communication.

ESS can provide a sound solution to these tasks that are difficult to manage on a regular basis. Our staff is always available to answer questions posed by our clients and their employees. We are always a toll-free call away providing you and your employees with the assistance needed to best utilize the benefits.

ESS's Benefit Communication Services include:

  • Communicating benefits to new hires
  • Administering waiting periods and eligibility
  • Open enrollment notifications
  • Managing and presenting benefit costs and pre-taxing effects
  • Managing all enrollment forms
  • Handling qualifying event issues
  • Providing toll-free on-going support and answers to client and employee questions

Benefit bills are another administrative task and potential liability that employers must manage. The challenge is to make sure that employee deductions are not too much or too little and that premiums paid to the carrier are for the time employees actually have and utilize coverage.

When benefits are not administered properly it only increases the amount of time required to manage them. Additionally, there is ill will developed between the company and employees or carriers.

When employee deductions are required that are more or less than what is expected they become frustrated. Communication is the key to keeping employees happy with their paycheck. No one takes this more seriously than we do.

ESS Benefit Billing Administration Services include:

  • Setup and maintain benefit deductions from employee paychecks according to client rates and contribution schedule.
  • Reconcile benefit bills and make payments to providers.
  • Communicate additions and terminations in coverage to providers.
  • Communicate benefit deductions to employees.